Terms and Conditions of The Purchase Agreement

1. General Conditions
2. Product Portfolio
3. Prices and Availability
4. Promotions
5. Cart
6. Taxes
7. Registration
8. Shipping Costs
9. Payment
10. Validation Order
11. Acceptance of the Commercial Offer
12. Turnover
13. Delivery of Goods
14. Delivery of Products
15. Changes and Returns Policy Online Shopping
16. Governing Law and Competent Jurisdiction
17. Validity
18. Headers

1. General Conditions

These Terms shall form an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of Web Site dDESEO available on the Web Site and apply to all purchase transactions made through it.

By registering on this website, freely, express, voluntary and informed, i authorize to dDESEO or natural or legal person to whom this charge, collect, store, use, move, delete and generally to perform any other treatment my personal data supplied to all aspects inherent to this contract or provision of services and any other related to the development of the main corporate purpose of that company, which involves the use of data in marketing activities, promotion and be the case when the business requires, transfer them to a third party (including third countries), under the parameters of the law 1581 of 2012 and other applicable regulations governing the subject. In any case, dDESEO ensures the security, privacy and other principles involving the processing of personal data consistent with applicable law. This authorization will remain for the duration of the bond or the service and the duration of the company responsible, as stated in its bylaws.

dDESEO as Head of personal data processed by this company, announces to the holders thereof, that policies treatment of information collected can be accessed through the link Policy Information Processing available on this Site Web.

2. Product Portfolio

The portfolio of products and services available through the Website (hereinafter Products) corresponds to a special selection of references dDESEO portfolio.
The contents of the Website relating to products, such as specifications, features and photographs are for guidance only and may, at times, show provisional information. In the event that the information provided does not correspond to the characteristics of the product the customer is entitled to cancel the purchase at no cost on their part.

Some products may have specific conditions and places to his office or the service. In such case shall be reported to the specific content for the Product. In case of breach of these conditions by the Customer, dDESEO shall have no liability for delays or failures in delivery of the product or the service.

3. Prices and Availability

Prices and availability shown on the website only apply to purchases made through it.

dDESEO makes every effort within its means to provide the information contained in the Web Site is accurate and no typographical errors. In the case that at some point an error of this kind at all times outside the will of dDESEO occurs, immediately be corrected.

There is a typographical error in any of the prices shown and a customer had made a purchase decision based on that error, dDESEO will inform the client of the error. Likewise if an order be unavailable product, the Customer will be informed of the unavailability.

In both cases you may obtain a refund of any sums paid no cost on their part, within a period of 30 days.

Given the nature of online update website, the price or availability of any product may change at any time without notice. The price to be taken into account in calculating the payment and place the corresponding commercial offer will be that in force at the time of confirming the order in the order form on the Website.

4. Promotions

Promotions, offers and gifts that can offer the Website are only applicable to purchases made through it.

5. Cart
When selecting a product, it is automatically added to shopping cart. There you can change the quantities or remove the Product in accordance with the intention of buying. It is also possible to obtain an estimate of the shipping costs. The shopping cart is indicative and does not represent a commitment quote or price support within the Web Site.

6. Taxes

dDESEO is established in Colombian territory. The prices of the products shown on the website if they come to require, include IVA and all taxes and levies.

7. Registration

To make a purchase is required to fill out registration forms with accurate and updated information.

Customer is required to enable the delivery of the Product by providing a direction that can be delivered and clarifying the observations sufficient indications for the conveyor delivery can occur under normal conditions.

In case of breach of these obligations dDESEO shall have no liability for delays or failures in delivery of the product.

8. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs Product delivery are included in the final price thereof, provided they are located in submission sites as listed in paragraph 13 of this document, if not the case, the shipping costs are borne by the customer and are calculated according to destination, safe and weight.

9. Payment

Once confirmed the order will be automatically redirected to the payment page. There must follow the payment process. dDESEO not store financial information from customers.

It is your responsibility to follow the recommendations for safe buying presented in the Security section in Your Shopping Website.

The customer may request a reversal of the payment within 5 days of the knowledge of a transaction when the subject of a fraud or an unsolicited operation, when the product is not received, does not correspond to the request or defective. Each application is reviewed individually and if you apply the reversal will take place within a period of 30 days by everyone in the payment process.

10. Validation Order

When ordering Customer authorizes dDESEO to that effect control, supervision and business information check make calls to telephone numbers provided during registration, as well as those that might stand in dDESEO data bases or plants financial information such as CIFIN or Datacrédito among others. These calls may be recorded and used for further verification.

Likewise, the client authorizes expressly and irrevocably to dDESEO see and / or report to central financial information such as CIFIN or Datacrédito among other ways, and generally any other entity that manages databases with the same purposes of the above The information used for payment as well as birth, modification or termination of direct or indirect obligations, especially anything related to debts, outstanding debts without cancel and payment habits thereof.

Likewise authorized to use the information dDESEO consulted in central fund information to build validation questions that can be used in said verification calls. Customer's duty to answer these questions truthfully.

Any inconsistencies found in the validation process will lead to rejection of the commercial offer and in appropriate cases, the complaint to the appropriate authorities.

11. Acceptance of the Commercial Offer

The contract between the client and dDESEO be refined when a purchase offer on site by the customer, is accepted by dDESEO. The contract is adhered to the terms defined herein, which govern the sale of products and / or services to be performed using this site.

For purposes of determining the existence of a valid offer of purchase by the customer is a condition for its existence that the required information on the website is fill out completely.

Once received by dDESEO your order, you will be sent by email the list of goods and / or services to acquire, its description, the individual price, total price and if applicable, the additional costs and expenses to be canceled by post or by any other item and the total sum of what we have to cancel.

The customer has the right to cancel the transaction to complete it before, in accordance with the provisions of Article 50, paragraph D, of Law 1481 of 2011.

Acceptance of the offer means for dDESEO when applicable purchase the ticket is issued.

dDESEO reserves the right, in the event of typographical errors exist, to change products, prices, promotions and other sales and service or to refuse or limit the amounts included in any commercial offer presented on the Website conditions. In such case dDESEO informed by email or by mail to the registered addresses and registration form available mechanisms reversal if payment has already been received.

12. Turnover

Customer authorizes dDESEO to send you the invoice to the email address set on the registration form.

13. Delivery of Goods

Shipment is made only to urban areas within the Colombian territory in selected cities you can check in the shopping cart.

No shipments are made:

• Sections or air mail box.

• Parking Lots, shopping centers, transport companies offices or public places.

• Different destinations to a home address.

• Addresses that do not have an official nomenclature or are outside the urban area.

• Locations that are within the Free Zone or Special Areas as those covered by the Act Paez.

• Locations with tax breaks as San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.

We do our best to make the order arrives in the shortest possible time, the maximum delivery time 15 working days, unless otherwise stated in the detailed product information. You should be aware that delivery times are out of control dDESEO and depend on the destination, the carrier and the specific conditions of transport.

Should the order delivery exceeds 15 days, the customer may obtain a refund of any sums paid no cost on their part. The refund will be made within a period of 30 days.

When a commercial offer consists of more than one unit or different references, dDESEO reserves the right to make partial shipments, even from different backgrounds or even from the manufacturer's premises. But this in no way represent additional cost to the customer.

14. Delivery of Products

The place for delivery is the gateway address address placed on the registration form and mailing address, if it is a commercial or residential unit is taken as place of delivery the main entrance with access to satellite public.

The carrier may request the submission of invoice printable shopping and identity of the person authorized to receive the goods.

The person authorized to receive the goods must be of age and must fill the transport document received in evidence of satisfaction with course name, signature and identification number.

The delivery service does not include the climb up stairs, elevators or scaffolds, also are not allowed to disassemble the conveyor doors or windows or to make the product installation.

In the event that the product arrives with an external fault, beaten, scratched, peeling or missing parts should not be received by the authorized person. In this case the client should immediately through the online Customer shown on the Website.

The delivery time is subject to the logistical capacity of the carrier. dDESEO NOT agree to a specific time of delivery.

15. Changes and Returns Policy Online Shopping

      15.1 Deadlines for Change

In shopping online you can request a change by not satisfied within the product delivery (Law Retracto) 3 business days.

If the product technical failure after 3 days of purchase, the customer must contact the customer service line to establish its warranty.

      15.2 To change a product must be:

• In perfect condition, complete and in original packaging

• With their boxes, bags, bleasters and icopores, complete and in good condition

• With all accessories, manual and warranty card, complete and in good condition

• Products can not be used even once before requesting a change

      15.3 How to request a change?

You should always contact the phone number for customer service shown on the Website to coordinate technical review and / or product collection. Do not return without authorization from the Customer Service Area.

      15.4 The cost of return shipping will be made as follows:

• For technical failure filed within 5 working days of delivery of the product: by dDESEO.

• Not satisfied with the product: at the customer. In this case instructions will be sent to perform for the expenses of return shipping charges.

      15.5 You should always keep in mind:

• In any case you must submit a copy of the invoice printable shopping

• After dDESEO receive a return, their status is checked and compliance with this Policy

• When applying the reversal of the payment will be made within 30 days of return

      15.6 No returnable:

• Developed to fit the Customer Products. Ex. Custom products, among others.

• Personal items. Ex. Underwear, among others.

• The value of the postage is not refundable

      15.7 No changes are made for the following reasons:

• the last repayment is made more than 3 days after purchase.

• If there is evidence that the product was damaged or flawed by mismanagement.

• The item is in the list of products that definitely do not have change.

      15.8 It is the responsibility of the Client:

• Keep the invoice and print a copy of it, in order to obtain warranty service.

• Always save all packaging, boxes, bleasters, bags and icopores product at least 8 days after receiving delivery.

• Read and follow the Warranty and product use.

• Check well the product when received and before signing the check in accordance format.

16. Governing Law and Competent Jurisdiction

The purchases made on the Website are subject to Colombian law.

In the event of any conflict or discrepancy in the interpretation or application of these contract terms, the Courts which, if any, know of the matter, will be those applicable legal rules on jurisdiction in which serves in the case of consumers, the place of performance of the obligation or the domicile of the buyer.

17. Validity

The parties expressly declare that in the case where any provision of the Terms and Conditions of Use is held invalid or unenforceable by a competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions and obligations of this Agreement shall remain valid.

18. Headers

The headings used in each of the sections of this Agreement are solely for reference so are not considered for purposes of interpretation or enforcement.