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dDESEO, objects with heart and passion, thinking Artisans, designers and artists, offers you all the Online Store. Our main task is the sale and marketing of products, but equally offer specific advice on Branding and Product Development. All this in addition to everything that involves the creation and sale of a product.

If you want to be part of our store, you should consider the following:

- You must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce or have RUT.

- Your products must handle high standards of quality in its production process and the use of materials.

- You must provide a written and view of your product according to the same type of collateral.

- Any product, regardless of category, must have our approval.

- To be part of, you must pay a sales commission of 25% on the base price of your products.

To register and learn more about all the legal terms of sale of products on our site, here you will find all the necessary information.